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Average onboarding time 43-minutes


Best-in-class services for best-in-class creators

At Talentsy, you will never be just another number in a spreadsheet. We work so closely with all of our VIP Creators to ensure that they are in the best spot possible to establish and lock down their career on YouTube. Together we innovate, smash boundaries, work hard, and forge the next generation of digital talent.

Partner Perks

Channel Managers

Talentsy Network partners get access to their very own team of YouTube Certified Channel Managers to help with channel meta, optimization, and monetization. Software is great, but can only go so far. No robots here!

Art & Animations

We hook up our partners with custom animations to boost engagement within their video content. Enjoy custom in-video overlays, lower-thirds, intros, outros, and much more. All custom-tailored for your channel's branding.

Brand Deals

Our in-house Branded Entertainment Team works with top-paying ad sellers that will present us with any paid media opportunities your channel may meet criteria for. Talentsy also takes 0% in brand deal fees unlike other networks.


We have invested in global merchandising facilities with state of the art equipment to print and ship branded merch to your fans at a global scale. Enjoy 0% vendor fees and free artwork, too!

Event Management

Organizing events as an influencer is a tremendous task for one person. Team up with our experts and bring your meet-and-greets, pop-up stores, and gatherings to life — while generating new revenue streams!


Talentsy proudly invests into its creators projects to help turn far-fetched dreams, into tangible realities. We've funded full-blown studios, to custom productions, travels, and more. If there's business sense behind your ideas, we'll fund them!

Premium Services

We cut out the fluff, and provide you with what's relevant to succeed. Your Talentsy Partner Dashboard acts as a launchpad for all of your services and tools such as Content ID claiming, branded services, revenue management, and so much more. Our team works 24/7 to support our creators and to ensure their needs are met. We pride ourselves in being honest, dependable, and transparent.

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Our Amazing Partners

You'll be in great company with a family of like-minded visionaries and boundary-breakers.

Brand Partners

We work with the best in the biz to deliver meaningful influencer marketing campaigns that benefit both creators and brands.

Frequently Asked

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What are the requirements to join Talentsy?
We look beyond numbers and focus more on quality of content and work ethic. However, having 250,000+ monthly viewers or more is a great start.
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How much can I earn with Talentsy?
The short answer is, whatever you want to earn, you can earn. At the end of the day, you get out what you put in, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

We provide all our creators with the same level of service and support in order to help maximize their earnings on YouTube and beyond.

Some of our creators earn $500 per month, while some earn $250,000 per month. We can't guarantee you'll be a millionaire after a couple months of joining us, but we can promise to nurture your channel and growth via extended support and the services we provide.
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How long will it take to hear back after applying?
We typically write back within 24-hours to let you know if your application to join Talentsy was accepted or denied.
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Are you a real MCN?
Yes, Talentsy is a legitimate, YouTube Certified MCN. We are not a sub-network or agency.
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How long is your contract for Talentsy?
All of our contracts are custom-tailored to where each individual creators is currently at on their YouTube journey. After you apply, we'll work out a contract that makes the most sense personally for you.