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We have the tools and expertise to detect, monetize, and distribute your content at scale.

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And so should you. We are industry leaders in digital rights management, copyright claiming, and content distribution. Each year, content thefts are wrongfully being paid millions of dollars in ad revenue. We exist to help change that, and to line the pockets of the original rights holders instead. Talentsy removes all headaches and processes involved to make your rights management a breeze.

Our Digital Rights Management Service


We will use our proprietary software and tools to run a match and discover all of your stolen videos in on place.


We will then monetize the content and pay you on a revenue-share basis. Our service costs you nothing out of pocket.


Once your content has been fingerprinted, we can then optionally work with you to distribute the videos to a whole new audience.

Case Studies

Music License Sharing

One of our creators had a cover song channel that was thriving. Unfortunately, large corporations were claiming the content by default meaning that the original cover song artist was not being paid at all. Our team of Content ID Managers diligently negotiated revenue-sharing deals with the original rights holders and cover song artists to ensure that both parties could monetize, make money, and have a fantastic strike-free relationship, with all administration handled by us.

Stolen Celeb Content

At Talentsy, we support and manage small creators right the way up to large global celebs. Unfortunately, when you're a large global celeb in a crowded digital world, your content may be vulnerable to being stolen and reuploaded by others. We recently helped a UFC star, who is also a Talentsy client, fingerprint and monetize his content at scale which produces automated monthly revenue for the original rights holders.

Frequenty Asked

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What kind of content do you offer these services on?
All types of video content that you respectively own full rights to. No limits here.
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How much will this cost?
Nothing out of pocket. We operate on a revenue share basis, so we only get paid if we do our jobs. Our revenue shares are custom tailored to each client and their individual needs.
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How will I be paid?
Monthly on the 15th. You will also be able to log-in to our Talentsy Creator Suite to track your revenues and breakdown reports.