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Larger creators can now apply to receive even more services by joining Talentsy Plus.

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Why Talentsy Plus

Turn your passion into a career

At Talentsy, you will never be just another number in a spreadsheet. We work so closely with all of our VIP Creators to ensure that they are placed right in the driving seats with us. Together, we innovate, break boundaries, and help creators evolve to find and secure their unique edge in a crowded digital environment.

It's Talentsy, but for larger creators

Building a stable career online isn't easy, even for the most viral influencers on the web. We will work with you to establish new revenue streams via merchandising, brand deals, sponsored content, and the list goes on.

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Extra features

Brands & Merchandising

We'll set up your very own Talentsy fan store, and partner with brands and agencies to execute influencer marketing campaigns for qualifying Talentsy creators.

Meta Enhancement

Software is great, but it can only go so far. With your permission, a YouTube Certified human being will manually optimize every single video you upload. No robots here.

Support & Protection

We have our partners backs covered 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. We will protect your intellectual property and always be willing to strategize with you about achieving sustainable long-term growth.

Creator Suite

You'll get access to your very own Talentsy Creator Suite dashboard, which is mobile friendly and has all of your data and services in one place.

Human to Human

In short, you're unlocking another 10-15 pairs of human hands to expedite your channel development for a fraction of the cost.

Our Talented Creators

You'll be in great company with a family of like-minded visionaries and boundary-breakers.

Lee Hinchcliffe

Mighty Mouse


Brands we have
worked with

We work with the best in the biz to deliver meaningful influencer marketing campaigns that benefit both creators and brands.

Frequenty Asked

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What are the requirements to join Talentsy Plus?
We look beyond numbers and focus more on quality of content and work ethic. However, having 1-million monthly viewers or more is a great start.
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How much can I earn with Talentsy Plus?
The short answer is, whatever you want to earn, you can earn. At the end of the day, you get out what you put in, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

We provide all our creators with the same level of service and support in order to help maximize their earnings on YouTube and beyond.

Some of our creators earn $500 per month, while some earn $250,000 per month. We can't guarantee you'll be a millionaire after a couple months of joining us, but we can promise to nurture your channel and growth via extended support and the services we provide.
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How long will it take to hear back after applying?
We typically write back within 24-hours to let you know if your application to join Talentsy Plus was accepted or denied.
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Are you a real MCN?
Yes, Talentsy is a legitimate, YouTube Certified MCN. We are not a sub-network or agency.
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How long is your contract for Talentsy Plus?
A short 3-months. Nothing malicious here. We're an open door, because we believe in the services we provide.